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if you can get into brown building




Machines / Workshops in the Blaster Design Factory

Note: If you want to be certified on the machines below sign up to our emailing list and you will receive emails when the next workshop/open house is. Another way is to look at the Maker Society calendar.


Ultimaker 3D Printer | 3D Printing Workshops

The Maker Society raised money on Giving Tuesday last year that went to buying the Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printer. It has auto leveling features and works with most filament types. The ideal size to use is 2.85mm or some brands display it as 3mm. 

For specific questions email Hannah Levy at


Vinyl Cutter | Custom Vinyl Stickers Workshop

Our Vinyl Cutter's name is Lionel. Lionel cuts vinyl rolls into the exact text, pictures, or shapes you want. It cannot do multicolored stickers because it is not a printer but can cut multiple different colored roles. There are always at least two vinyl roles out for anyone to use that has been certified.  The Vinyl Cutter software is on the computer to the left.

For specific questions email Ryan Evans at


Heat Press | Custom T-Shirts

The heat press is used for pressing T-shirts. Used in combination with the Vinyl Cutter, see above, one can cut heat press vinyl that you press onto the T-shirt. This allows you to create any design on T-shirts, sweaters, hats and more. Thank you to the ASME, CSM chapter, for the donation of both the Heat Press and the Vinyl Cutter

For specific questions email Gabe Adriano at



Other Cool Stuff

Materials/Prototyping Cart

The Materials Cart has all sorts of materials and tools for anyone to use. The tools must be returned but the materials can be used whenever to prototype designs. The cart contains items such as glue guns, construction paper, play-doh, markers, glue sticks, aluminum foil, popsicle sticks, screwdrivers, all kinds of tape, foam, and more..




Whiteboard surfaces in the blaster design factory



TV-Stand and T-Shirt Blaster

There is a TV in the makerspace connected to a Roku and a HDMI cord. Anyone is allowed to move the TV around the space and hook it up to their computer for any purpose. Also, the BDF has a T-Shirt blaster built by Jordan, a Maker Society member. We use this cannon at events like the M-Climb and Celebration of Mines.