OPEN 7am-10pm with blaster card access


The Digger Design Lab is a makerspace. It contains workshop tools, a sewing machine, workshop tables, and more. The Cornerstone Workshop is a separate room wood shop with more specialized tools such as a band saw, drill presses, a circular saw, a miter saw, and a scroll saw.



Digger Design Lab Resources


Sewing Machine and Supplies


Work Tables with Clamps and Storage Underneath


All kinds of hardware tools such as screwdrivers, hack saws, levels, pliers, straight edges, scissors, 


Work Space for Prototyping



Cornerstone Woodshop


Open Weekdays: 5-10pm Friday: Closed  weekends: 12-10pm


EDS Workshop Supervisors

There are students in the cornerstone workshop to help you with all your woodcutting needs. They work weekdays from 5-10PM, are closed on Fridays and on weekends operate from 12-10PM. They can help you use all the machines listed below and any others located in the workshop. 


Note: If you need help or are unsure of anything PLEASE ask the Workshop Supervisor for assistance or a second opinion.



Chop Saw: Good for cutting long wooden beams.

Band Saw: Great for cutting smaller wooden pieces in many shapes.


Metal Saw: Only cut metal, NOT WOOD on this saw.

Drill Press: Drill straight holes easily in any piece of wood or metal.


Metal Pipe Lathe: Cut/shape metal pipe.

Storage: Bins can be used to store projects.


Other Materials: Drills, power supply, scale, Dremel, and several different prototyping materials.