Laser Cutting

The laser cutter is great at creating 2D designs in wood and other cool materials. It is great for making designs or even prototypes for class. It is one of the many useful machines located in The Brown Building Garage.


Why Learn How to Use the Laser Cutter?

• Make custom wood designs
• Learn to operate the machine
• Project designs
• Lasers!

• Personal Decals
• Free and accessible
• Modeling/prototyping
• Potential to become a workshop leader

Laser Cutter Workshops

The Vinyl Cutter workshops run throughout the school year on various dates. There are many Maker Society instructors who teach these workshops, and anyone who can demonstrate a proficient knowledge of this machine can be certified to use it! Subscribe to the Maker Society email list for updates on when the next Laser Cutting workshops are, and all of the future workshops and events can be found on the calendar.


Laser cutter

Epilog Legend 36EXT laser cutter



Compressor to remove the harmful fumes from the cutter


Contact Maker Society at for general questions or suggestions regarding workshops and events.

Talk to the the students on duty in The Garage for questions and comments specific to using the laser cutter. The Garage is open M-F 8am-5pm.

Prepare for your workshop

The workshop consists of making custom wood cut pieces based on designs of your choice! Coming with the pictures loaded on a flash drive is preferred, but they can be found online as well. Plain images work well but will come out in different shades of burnt wood, vector images or a combination of both will work too. Most importantly, come with a great attitude and an eagerness to learn