Vinyl Cutting

Whether it's designing stickers or making t-shirts, the vinyl cutter can be used as a handy tool to precisely cut images out of various materials. This machine is an integral part of the Blaster Design Factory makerspace in Brown Building, and many projects can benefit from a vinyl cutter!


Why Learn How to Use the Vinyl Cutter?

• Making custom stickers
• Precise tracing
• Project designs
• T-shirt prints
• Posters

• Personal Decals
• Free and accessible (24/7 use)
• Modeling/prototyping
• Potential to become a workshop leader
• Gain knowledge in VC software

Vinyl Cutter Workshops

The Vinyl Cutter workshops run throughout the school year on various dates. There are many Maker Society instructors who teach these workshops, and anyone who can demonstrate a proficient knowledge of this machine can be certified to use it! Subscribe to the Maker Society email list for updates on when the next Vinyl Cutting workshops are, and all of the future workshops and events can be found on the calendar.


Vinyl Cutter - Front View

Loading tray, UI menu, cutter, sensor

Vinyl Cutter - Bottom View

Plug, MasterLock cover, stand

Tools & Accessories

Workmat, precision cutter (X-acto knife), ruler, squeegee, sticker-adhesive roll

Refresher Video

This is for people who have already been certified and would like to review the techniques and software used to operate the vinyl cutter and heat press.


Contact Maker Society at for general questions or suggestions regarding workshops and events.

Talk to the space captain on duty for questions and comments specific to using the vinyl cutter. They are located in the Blaster Design Factory 12pm-6pm M-F.

Prepare for your workshop

The workshop consists of making custom stickers based on designs of your choice! Coming with the pictures loaded on a flash drive is preferred, but they can be found online as well. The designs should be monochromatic, clear, and simple (no jaggedy lines and imprecise edges). Most importantly, come with a great attitude and an eagerness to learn